Frequently Asked Questions About DOT/CDL Physical Exams

FAQ  - DOT/CDL Physicals

Q: Can any Doctor perform my DOT/CDL physical exam?

A: No. A DOT physical must be done by a FMCSA certified medical examiner.

Q: What does the doctor cover during the physical?

A: The physician will check heart, lung, blood pressure,  vision screening, hearing test, musculoskeletal exam           and urinalysis.

Q: Do many people fail?

A: Some people fail, but most pass. The most common reasons someone may fail is because their blood                   pressure is not under 140/90 or their vision is not at least 20/40.

Q: How long does a DOT/CDL physical take?

A: It depends on the health of the individual, but normally about 20-30 minutes.

Q: What should I bring with me?

A: Please bring your driver's license, a list of prescribed medications and the doctors who prescribed them and       a semi-full bladder for the urine test. 

Q; Will I get my DOT/CDL medical card there?

A: Yes, we will provide this for you. 

Q: Can I come to Integrative and Restorative Medical Center for a second opinion?

A: Yes, absolutely. 

Q: Do you have same day and walk-in appointments available?

A: We often do have same day appointments however we do not take walk in appointments.  Please call to schedule an appointment. 

Q: How much does a DOT/CDL physical cost without insurance? 

A: We charge the same price with or without insurance. Our DOT pysical charge is $75.00 and payment options       are cash, credit cards or debit cards.  We do not accept checks.  

Q: What are you checking for with the urine analysis?

A: The urine test during your DOT physical is a kidney screen that checks for glucose (sugar) and protein in the          urine and specific gravity. We do not test for drugs.